Doreen Kennedy is a photographer and graphic designer with a curiosity for making patterns within compositions, who is often found looking for a dance of light within the landscape.

Recent work sees a return to the studio to make some small artworks. These photo grid patterns are a recurring theme, the sorting of colours and grids of images. A selection of these can be found in the online shop here

Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst

Cinema related photography has provided a great opportunity to talk film and work with a stellar group of people. And more recently, an opportunity to direct a film (Grace Alone, 2019). A selection of cinema portraits are here

Previous projects

Book Grids 1 - 6 from Portrait of a Library

Image: Book Grids 1 – 6 (2010), from Portrait of a Library

PopUp Libraries is a social initiative developed by Doreen Kennedy to establish small libraries in public spaces, community and art centres. The aim of the project is to enhance community spaces, create a catalyst for reading books, encourage recycling and inspire creativity. Find out more about the project at